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We Offer Specialized Services

Consulting Services - Cazton



Our team of experts awarded by Microsoft and Google develop scalable and cost-effective AI, web, big data, mobile, cloud and DevOps solutions.

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Training Services - Cazton



Bored with PowerPoint trainings? Discover Cazton's hands-on trainings fully customized to your needs.

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Recruiting Services - Cazton



Get rid of the false positives and non-technical recruiters. Our expert data scientists, architects, developers and DevOps pre-screen the candidates for you.

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Microsoft Services by Cazton

We Provide Microsoft Services

At Cazton our reputation is important to us. Our clients trust us to deliver complicated projects within a short delivery timeframe. We have saved our clients millions of dollars and have proven multiple times that we can be more economical than even offshore options.

Our Microsoft practice is led by a Microsoft Most Valued Professional and comprised of former Microsoft employees, former IBMers and internationally-acclaimed speakers. Our Microsoft practice is heavily involved in open source projects and cloud based solutions, too.

Web Development

Our network of professionals create fast and responsive web apps using the latest JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS, Aurelia, Polymer, Ember, RiotJS and KnockoutJS. Our powerful and performant web applications provide extraordinary value to our clients and their customers.

The modern web changes quickly, and our team is capable of fast adoption and integration of new technologies. Our products are built in extensible ways, with support for desktop and varied mobile browsers.

Web Development by Cazton
Mobile Development and Mobile App Solutions by Cazton

Mobile Development

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Working with top user experience professionals, our enterprise development teams create user friendly mobile and tablet solutions while maintaining high performance.

We leverage cross-platform technologies to create solutions for all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5). These applications can be hosted in your private or public cloud, your datacenter, or our datacenter.

API Development

Robust, Future-Proof API Solutions

Our API architects know that powerful apps are backed by scalable APIs. We specialize in creating enterprise-level APIs to power your business.

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our architects.

API Development and Solutions by Cazton
Big Data & Cloud Solutions by Cazton

Big Data & Cloud Services

Utilizing technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, ElasticSearch, Redis, Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB, among others, we boost our customers' businesses with advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions.

In addition to supporting cloud and on-premise hosting, our applications can be hosted on multiple cloud platforms from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and RackSpace.

We're here to help you and your business succeed!

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