.NET Consulting

  • .NET framework provides a rich set of tools, libraries and APIs for developing different types of applications and solutions for Web, mobile, cloud, desktop, gaming, IoT, mixed reality and much more.
  • .NET uses Nuget which is a package manager that facilitates reusability of standard code among millions of .NET developers worldwide.
  • .NET is used to create enterprise, Web, API, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT, SharePoint, CRM solutions and more.
  • Our team consists of Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals awarded by Microsoft .NET team.

Microsoft .NET is one of the most preferred and widely used technologies in the software development industry. It is a set of technologies that work together to solve different business problems. Over the years, this technological ecosystem has evolved extensively. It provides rich set of tools, libraries and APIs for developing different types of applications and solutions for Web, Mobile, Cloud, Desktop, Gaming, IOT, Mixed Reality and much more.

The first version of .NET Framework released in the year 2002 was an attempt to combine the APIs and system level abstractions that most Windows applications needed. Now more than two decades later, it has become a mature and robust framework. It gives developers the confidence and power to develop scalable, flexible, testable, secure and high performance applications using editors and programming languages of their choice. Recently Microsoft released its much awaited framework called .NET Core, which happens to be a complete rewrite of the .NET Framework. Through .NET Core, developers get the flexibility to develop high performance, cross-platform modular applications.

With the advent of .NET Core, Microsoft came with its latest web framework ASP.NET Core that provides loads of benefits to build modern rich web applications. Some of the benefits like smooth support for latest JavaScript Frameworks, combined MVC and Web API Stack, full support for .NET Core and .NET Standard, new project templates, new Razor Pages support, backward compatibility to run on .NET Framework 4.6.1 and much more enable developers to build next generation cloud-friendly web apps. It also came up with easier dependencies and better CLI and Visual tooling that give developers a smooth development experience.

Different Types of Frameworks

Microsoft provides different types of .NET implementation that provides rich set of tools, APIs and libraries that do the heavy lifting task of compiling and running our applications. The following are the three major frameworks:

  • .NET Framework: The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s fully mature software development framework that provides tools, libraries and APIs for smoother and faster application development. It enables developers to build applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Server, Microsoft Azure and Web (hosted using IIS or Docker). As mentioned earlier, the first version of .NET Framework (.NET 1.0) was first released in the year 2002 and beginning with .NET v4.5 it has started supporting .NET Standard specifications.

    Other than its support for .NET Standard, it has some core libraries and APIs targeted specifically for Windows environment. It provides support for web and desktop application development through its frameworks like (ASP.NET, Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The .NET Framework has some core components like Common Language Runtime (CLR), Common Language Specifications, Base Class Library and more that provide many services, including memory management, type and memory safety, security, networking, and application deployment. Developers get the flexibility to develop applications using their favourite programming language.

  • .NET Core: .NET Core is Microsoft’s latest .NET framework. It is a complete rewrite of the existing .NET framework. The reason behind creating this new framework was to enable easier cross-platform application development, building modular applications and to make .NET open source. Unlike .NET Framework, .NET Core is fully open-source, which means that the features of this framework directly reflect the skills and desires of .NET developers and the community.

    This framework focuses more on agile and modular application development through its deep integration with NuGet packages. In the .NET Core application development, you import assemblies via NuGet. This means instead of depending on one large assembly, you only use those feature-centric assemblies that are needed by your application. Other than cross-platform and modularization benefits, .NET Core enables faster and easier development through its command line tools and flexible deployment strategies.

    Similar to the .NET Framework, .NET Core comes with Core CLR which provides type system, assembly loading, a garbage collector, native interop and other basic services. It has its framework libraries, SDK Tools and language compilers that enable the base developer experience. It fully supports .NET Standard, which makes its libraries compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin and Mono.

  • Mono: Mono is an open source implementation of the .NET Framework. This project started in the year 2001, but the first stable version of this framework was released in 2004. The Mono framework is based upon the open standards for C# language and Common Language Runtime. It allows developers to write cross platform code targeting Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

    The Mono framework contains server components like C# Compiler, Mono Runtime, .NET Framework Class Library, which provides a comprehensive set of classes that provide a solid foundation to build applications and Mono Class Library that contains class libraries which can be used for building Linux applications.

  • Universal Windows Platform: With the advent of Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft introduced its new development platform called Universal Windows Platform. This platform enables application development for Windows 10 operating system running on various devices like PC, tablet, phone, Xbox, HoloLens, Surface Hub, etc. Other than UWPs Core APIs, it exposes device specific APIs that can be used for applications targeting specific devices. Developers get the flexibility to build UWP applications using a single API and single development package with the language of their choice. Be it C#, Visual Basic, C++, XAML or Vanilla JavaScript, developers can use their preferred language and create apps that can be shipped to Windows 10 targeted devices through Windows App Store.

    The core idea behind UWP is to develop applications that give a standard and seamless user experience across different Windows 10 devices. All UWP apps are packaged in a standard format before they are exposed to the world through Windows App Store.

Our team of Certified Professionals include .NET Architects .NET Consultants, .NET Developers, Principal Consultants, Senior Consultants and Architects, Xamarin Developers and Consultants, Xamarin Specialists, UWP Developers, Consultants and Experts can help you develop .NET Applications as per your business requirements. Our team has the expertise backed with years of rich experience developing scalable and modular applications that are easy to test and maintain. Our team remains committed to give their best, to any challenges kept forward.

What is .NET Standard?

.NET Standard is a set of formal API specifications that are implemented by all .NET Frameworks. The idea behind creating the .NET Standard was to unite all .NET implementations and avoid future fragmentation. It enables developers to create portable libraries that can be used across all frameworks (ex: .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, Unity, Xamarin, UWP, Windows, Windows Phone).

When compared with .NETs previous PCL, .NET Standard is the next generation idea on portability that allow developers to write portable class libraries that is supported across multiple .NET Implementation. Each .NET implementation targets different versions of .NET Standards and each .NET implementation specifies the highest .NET Standard version it can support.

Recently Microsoft released .NET Standard 2.0 which is supported by the following framework versions (.NET Core 2.0, .NET Framework 4.6.1, Mono 5.4, Xamarin.iOS 10.14, Xamarin.Mac 3.8, Xamarin.Android 8.0, UWP 10.0.16299). .NET Standard 2.0 addresses the limitation of it’s previous version (.NET Standard 1.6) and adds more than 20,000 APIs compatible for different .NET implementations.

Why should you choose Microsoft .NET?

  • .NET has evolved and has become a mature technology over the years.
  • .NET Framework allows developers to create various types of applications for Web, Cloud, Mobile, Desktop, Gaming, IOT, AI and much more.
  • .NET Core, though very new in the industry, allows developers to create cross-platform applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Using .NET, developers can develop applications in the programming language of their choice (ex: C#, F#, Visual Basic, C++, Python, JavaScript)
  • .NET now provides a consistent set of libraries and APIs via .NET Standard, which is common to all .NET Frameworks. This way, a class library written while targeting .NET Standard can be used with both .NET Framework and .NET Core.
  • Many of .NET libraries are now available via NuGet packages, which made the .NET ecosystem even healthier.
  • The .NET platform has become open source, which allows developers to contribute to its ecosystem.
  • Microsoft gives a rich application development experience with their code editors like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • With .NET developers can develop scalable, flexible, testable and secure applications.

Cazton's World-Class Expertise in Microsoft .NET Consulting

Microsoft .NET is the most widely used and accepted technology for application development. The development support that .NET and .NET Community provides is far superior as compared to other development frameworks. Our experts, have been leveraging the power of .NET platform for developing different types of applications. Our expertise includes:

  • Web Development: Our network of professionals create fast and responsive web apps using the latest Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET MVC Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET Web Pages and SignalR as well as latest JavaScript Frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS, Aurelia, Polymer, Ember, RiotJS and KnockoutJS. Our powerful and performant web applications provide extraordinary value to our clients and their customers. The modern web changes quickly, and our team is capable of fast adoption and integration of new technologies. Our products are built in extensible ways, with support for desktop and varied mobile browsers.
  • API Development: Our API architects know that powerful apps are backed by scalable APIs. We specialize in creating enterprise-level APIs to power your business. We provide Robust and Future-Proof RESTful API solutions using technologies like Web API, WebHooks and WCF. Read our article "15 Apps One API" where we built an API to support 15 different applications.
  • Mobile Application Development: Our team of Top UX Professionals and Enterprise Development Experts create user friendly mobile and tablet solutions while maintaining scalability and performance. We use cross-platform technologies to create solutions for all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5). These applications can be hosted in your private or public cloud, your datacenter, or our datacenter.
  • Desktop Application Development: We specialize in software (desktop / web / cloud / mobile) application development where we use a wide range of technologies, tools and programming languages. Our team of Microsoft MVPs and former Microsoft employees have expertise in developing services related to Windows Application Development. For desktop application development, we proficiently use technologies like Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Universal Windows Apps (UWP) and provide stand-alone application or a large networked system solutions that suits your business needs.
  • Gaming Application Development: We have a dedicated team of Game Development Experts, Specialists, Concept Artists, Game Designers, 2D and 3D Artist and Animators who provide innovative and differentiated gaming experiences across multiple devices like mobile, desktop and console. We use some of the latest gaming development tools and third party game engines. Our experts specialize in efficiently using the capabilities of various game engines like Unity, MonoGame and CRYENGINE and handle all your production needs.
  • Cloud Application Development: Cazton has expertise in different cloud computing technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics. Our experts have years of experience working and implementing the best practices for cloud computing and can be the best resource for your team and your organization.
  • Sharepoint Services: Our talented Sharepoint Consultants and Specialists can provide expert solutions that suits your business requirements. We follow Microsoft's best practices to build Sharepoint solutions from the ground up, upgrade your existing solution to take advantages of the latest Sharepoint version and build custom CMS solutions. Our team remains committed to convert your requirements into simple, elegant and effective solutions.
  • CRM Solutions: A CRM system helps keep track of customer information, that is received through various channels like emails, social media, phone calls, web forms, etc. It consolidates and presents the information in a way that helps management, marketing and support teams to track performance and productivity of their business and provide the best possible service to their customers. Our team of talented Consultants, Architects and CRM Experts can provide Platform-specific CRM solutions using Microsoft Dynamic CRM and Salesforce or build a complete custom CRM Application. that suits your business needs.
  • Enterprise Application Development: Our experts have hands-on experience developing high performance scalable enterprise applications with Microsoft technologies and other technology stack. We are experts in Microsoft, MEAN, LAMP stack and RAILS and will choose the technologies that are best suited for your application and business requirements.
  • IOT Application Development: We offer a complete range of Internet of Things (IoT) Development services using the most latest and advanced technologies. Our IoT Development includes application development, implementation and support, IoT Gateway development, IoT Maintenance services, Data Analytics and Backend and API development.
  • Migration to .NET: We offer application and database migration services where we take your existing PHP, VB, or .NET application and move them to a suitable .NET version that suits your business requirements. Our migration process is backed with different types of testing and maintenance services.
  • Testing, Maintenance and Support: If you have an existing .NET application, we provide full testing, maintenance and support services where we can help you upgrade your technology stack from older to latest version, migrate database, analyze problems and fix bugs, restructure application, optimize performance and perform various testings like Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Stress Testing and much more.

How can Cazton help you with .NET Consulting?

Our Microsoft practice is led by a Microsoft Most Valued Professional and comprised of former Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon employees. Our hierarchy of consultants include Principal Consultants, Senior Architects, Senior Managers, Lead Senior Consultants, Senior and Junior Level Consultants and Developers. Our experts leverage the power of .NET and master in developing high performance Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Cloud Applications, IOT apps, Mixed Reality and VR apps and more.

Our experienced and certified .NET professionals can help you design and develop robust, customizable and flexible solutions that suits your business requirements. Our .NET Architects and API Experts know that powerful apps are backed by scalable APIs. We specialize in creating enterprise-level APIs to power your business. Our team of Top UX Professionals and Enterprise Development Experts create user friendly mobile and tablet solutions while maintaining scalability and performance.

Our clients trust us to deliver complicated projects within a short delivery time frame. We have saved our clients millions of dollars and have proven multiple times that we can be more economical than even offshore options. Our Microsoft practice is led by a Microsoft Most Valued Professional and comprised of former Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon employees. Our Microsoft practice is heavily involved in open source projects, enterprise, mobile and cloud-based solutions, too. We leverage the power of .NET and master in developing ASP.NET Web Applications, Cloud-based Applications, Mobile Applications, IOT Applications, Mixed Reality Apps and much more. We have not only senior consultants experienced with any technology, but also the architects who created them.

Cazton is composed of technical professionals with expertise gained all over the world and in all fields of the tech industry and we put this expertise to work for you. We serve all industries, including banking, finance, legal services, life sciences & healthcare, technology, media, and the public sector. Check out some of our services:

Cazton has expanded into a global company, servicing clients not only across the United States, but in Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; London, England; Berlin, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy; Sydney, Melbourne, Australia; Quebec City, Toronto Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, and Winnipeg as well. In the United States, we provide our consulting and training services across various cities like Austin, Dallas, Houston, New York, New Jersey, Irvine, Los Angeles, Denver, Boulder, Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Stamford and others. Contact us today to learn more about what our experts can do for you.

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