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Cazton is composed of technical professionals with expertise gained all over the world and in all fields of the tech industry and we put this expertise to work for you. Our experts are able to quickly identify, predict, and satisfy our clients' current and future need. Our clients trust us to provide them with the knowledge and skill to tackle every challenge and succeed at every opportunity. We serve all industries, including banking, finance, legal services, life sciences & healthcare, technology, media, and the public sector.

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Consulting Practices

Our Hierarchy of Consultants

Would you like to have a former Amazon Java architect work on your Java project? How about a Microsoft Web API Advisor on a Web API project? How about a former Google developer from Angular team consulting with you on your Angular project? Our principal consultants are industry experts who speak all over the world. We have experts on Mobile, Web, Big Data, IoT, and other fields of software development. The Principal Consultant can come to your office and do customized trainings or consult with your team.

Of course, you may be thinking that these consultants could be cost prohibitive for certain clients to hire; however, the good news is that our model makes it affordable. It’s essentially the pay-as-you-go model. You don’t have to pay for these consultants for 40 hours a week for a six month minimum. You can work with the consultant for just a week and bring him back when you need him. In some cases, you can bring him in for less than a week. These engagements are handled on a case-by-case basis.

For Fortune 500 clients that need someone with expertise in multiple technologies like .NET, Java, iOS and/or Node.js, the Senior Architect/Senior Manager is a great fit. The Senior Architect/Senior Manager has the same expertise as the Principal Consultant, is fully hands-on, and has a history of successful projects at big companies. This level of consulting is slightly less expensive than the Principal Consultant and may be retained at a reduced rate for a long-term project. The Senior Architect/Senior Manager is able take projects from inception to completion. The consultant will be fully dedicated to the client and able to work across multiple technologies and platforms. The consultant can be on-site or work remotely.

The Architect/Manager is a highly competent developer but slightly less skilled than the Senior Architect/Senior Manager; however, he has access to top senior architects and principal consultants and can lead a team to success. An Architect is completely hands-on. This consultant will have expertise on at least one particular technology platform. For client teams working primarily on one platform like .NET and introducing a newer one like Node.js, the Architect is a great fit.

The Lead Senior Consultant will be a hands-on developer who can lead a team of developers under him, but has access to the more experienced consultants above him when faced with a complex issue. This consultant will fit nicely as an architect in small to mid-sized teams or corporations. For larger teams and corporations, we recommend pairing this level of expertise with an Architect or Senior Architect.

A Senior Consultant has four-seven years of experience in any one technology. The consultant is well adept at writing modular, futuristic code that has unit-testing and other non-functional requirements like maintainability, modularity, etc. Usually, this consultant has had been trained by and worked under senior members of the team and is a part of an on-going job training program.

A Consultant has three-five years of experience and is new to consulting, but is capable of working on-site, hands-on, and able to ramp up quickly as an addition to a client’s team. This position is perfect for staff augmentation. Usually, this consultant is personally mentored by senior architects and principal consultants.

Hourly/Contract (Time and Materials)

We allow clients to hire our principal consultants on a flexible schedule. If you need a principal consultant one week a month, two-five days a month or maybe even once every six months, we can work with what you need. Of course, long-term, full-time engagements are available too where our consultants will work on-site or remotely.

Hourly/Contract-to-Hire (Time and Materials)

We place contract candidates with the client for six months to one year prior to the client converting the candidate to a full-time employee.

Fixed Bid/SOW (Statement of Work)

We take full ownership as well as responsibility for the work we do. We are one of the few companies that also does fixed bid statements of work. Cazton is proud to say we have 100% success rate on budget, on time on fixed bid projects.

Full-Time Placements

Preferred clients enjoy the benefits of our recruiting team helping place contract-to-hire and full-time employees. Contact us for details on the quick and easy process to become a Cazton preferred client.


Our amazing international network of technical talent gives us the edge. We blend technology and design to empower our clients' business and reduce uncertainty. We make it our goal to help our clients and their businesses flourish.


Our clients' challenges become our challenges. We combine our creativity with their business goals to effectively solve problems and create tremendously successful projects.


Our solutions are scalable, practical, and cost-effective. They are platforms for future growth that immediately provide functional business services. We focus our clients' strategy, operations, and systems to improve their business.

Our experts can train your developers

As our client, you have on-demand access to world-class technical talent through our amazing network of professionals.

We have not only senior consultants experienced with any technology, but also the architects who created them. Want to contact the creators and contributors of open source projects? We can make them available for on-site trainings, after hours and even on weekends.

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