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It is believed that technology changes every few years, a change that is inevitable. Technologies that we use today, sooner or later, gets obsolete, which is a challenge every tech company faces. New technologies evolve and usher in fresh expectations as well as challenges. Therefore, to stay up-to-date, one needs to constantly improve, learn and upgrade skills. The will for self-improvement, determination and discipline is required to reach the pinnacle of success. We, at Cazton, have the will to catapult you to the next level. Our team of industry experts are highly skilled and have years of practical hands-on experience in writing production level code about recent technologies. Most of our experts have been former Microsoft employees, ex-IBM-ers and internationally-acclaimed speakers who provide you customized training, which is relevant to your business and technical vision.

We offer trainings on the latest and state-of-the-art technologies at a very cost-effective price. In our training modules, we cover all levels, from beginner to advanced, and provide real code and slides for you. Our training schedule includes technology-specific learning, live-online training, on-site coaching, full-day and full-week workshops, and that too with a perfect combination of code and concepts. We also provide customized trainings per your requirements. Some of our most popular training modules include:

  • Front End – Best Practices
  • Back End – Best Practices
  • API – Best Practices
  • Best Practices on Scaling Applications and Websites (to more than a Billion hits/day)
  • Code with Me Series: JavaScript, MVC, Web API, Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Hadoop and much more.
  • Comparing JavaScript frameworks and in-depth framework training (Angular, React, VueJS, Aurelia, Polymer, Ember)

Full-Day Masterclass Workshops


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