UI, API and Server Side – Beginner to Advanced

Are you building next-generation web apps? Do you want a framework that is faster than Node.js on I/O and computation both? Do you know the best practices while building RESTful APIs? Do you want scalability as well as performance? Everything you need to know about best practices from a beginner to an advanced level will be covered in this workshop (for UI, API and server side).

In this workshop, you’ll have the unique opportunity to learn these Core fundamentals from a world-renowned expert who also happens to be an ASP.NET Insider, Web API Advisor and an awarded Microsoft MVP for close to a decade. Chander Dhall will share his knowledge and experience of how he’s worked with Fortune 500 Companies to scale their systems to more than a billion hits a day with examples in ASP.NET Core. He will also dig deep into Angular, ASP.NET Core, MVC, Web API and Entity Framework Core and other related frameworks like System.js, Gulp, etc.


  • Javascript: Beginner to Advanced (All Code)
  • Modern Javascript paradigm (Concepts and Code)
  • Web Performance Deep Dive (with examples in React, Angular, Typescript et al)


  • Understanding the ASP.NET Pipeline (Deep-Dive)
  • Controllers (All Code)
  • Dependency Injection (All Code)
  • Routing (All Code)
  • Best Practices
  • Advanced: Extending Web API (ASP.NET Core)

Server Side

  • Scalability Concepts
  • NoSql vs Sql
  • Comparing NoSql Databases (Deep Dive)
  • NoSql Best Practices
  • Scalability Best Practices
  • Polyglot Persistence (with examples in Redis, Elasticsearch, Entity Framework Core, DocumentDb et. al.)


  • Basic knowledge of C#, .NET, JavaScript and some backend technologies

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