Microsoft 365 Sharepoint / Teams Administrator

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Microsoft 365 Sharepoint / Teams Administrator

Remote, US ONLY

Employment Type: Full Time

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Job Description / Requirements

Non-personal services to acquire On-site IT services required to configure, administer, maintain, and sustain the Microsoft 365 Education Tenant, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, and Microsoft 365 Teams in Microsoft 365 academic environment.

The Contractor shall provide at least one dedicated primary Microsoft 365 SharePoint/Teams Online Administrator. The individual must have a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft 365 SharePoint/Teams Online Administrator roles, duties, and daily performance operations. The administrator will take part in evaluating, planning, migrating, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 services. He will perform Microsoft 365 tenant management tasks for an enterprise, including its identities, security, compliance, and supporting technologies. He will also serve as a subject matter expert over the entire Microsoft 365 environment. He will provide effective and efficient Tier 1 and Tier 2-level service desk support of all user issues for both cloud-based and client application-based.

Eligibility: Must possess Microsoft 365 Teams Administrator Expert Certification and 3 years experience as a Microsoft SharePoint Administrator.


  • Perform SharePoint/Team Site Setup.
  • Provide technical support for SharePoint/Teams users.
  • Demonstrate specific knowledge of the function and makeup of Microsoft SharePoint/Teams.
  • Work quickly to remedy system shutdowns or serious software problems.
  • Oversee activity pertaining to the maintenance of SharePoint/Teams.
  • Manages and revises the layout of the site.
  • Customizes SharePoint/Teams site for organizational purposes.
  • Analyze daily user activity on SharePoint/Teams.
  • Maintain records of SharePoint/Teams updates, maintenance, and activity.
  • Addresses questions or concerns from site owners regarding the functions of the software.
  • Keeps apprised of Microsoft updates to SharePoint/Teams software and report all planned activities.
  • Apply updates to the company's edition of SharePoint/Teams as necessary.
  • Maintains SharePoint/Teams firewalls and security.
  • Assists collectively with Microsoft 365 Management Team on all Microsoft 365 application issues.
  • Off board SharePoint Online data.
  • Recover deleted SharePoint site. Leverage the Recycle Bin.
  • Create a site and enable publishing features for a site.
  • Find, edit, create, and delete a user profile.
  • Add, edit, delete and view an audience AND Add, edit and delete an Audience Rule.
  • Verify or update, and disable or enable the newsfeed for MySite settings and change site quota information for a site collection.
  • Manage Site Collection Administrators.
  • Create and manage site collections.
  • Set an alert for the storage level of a site collection and view properties of a site collection.
  • Manage the Term Store and add Term Store Administrators.
  • Create a Site Collection Policy and configure Records Management for a Site Collection.
  • Add Search Best Bets and enable publishing infrastructure.
  • Configure Page Output Cache for Site Collection, for a site, and for page layouts.
  • Edit User Profile Policy.
  • Configure Security Trimming of links to appear on all My Sites.
  • Add and Delete a Trusted MySite Host Location.
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