Client Facing Consultant - Python Developer

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Client Facing Consultant - Python Developer

Austin, Texas

Employment Type: Full Time

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Job Description / Requirements

Client is building a data analysis and app deployment platform which enables quants, scientists, engineers, and other domain experts to understand their data and share insights they want quickly.  These tools build on the success of NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, IPython, SymPy, and Pandas with which we have been intimately involved for decades.

We are looking for accomplished scientists and engineers interested in a customer-facing software consultancy that could lead to full time placement with a customer at the conclusion of a project.  Many of these roles allow for involvement with the core technologies as needed by the customer.  The more experienced candidate will have a strong technical background with 4+ years Python and C/C++ development experience and 2+ years experience with NumPy or the equivalent. Depending on your skills, you will work on one of the  core products or technologies, including next-generation data management products which will push Python and its vectorized enhancements such as NumPy into general use in big data analytics. For the right person(s) with strong technical and customer-facing skills but less prior exposure to Python, C/C++, NumPy, and related, client may offer concentrated training and mentoring to fully prepare you for this role. Most positions are NYC or Austin based but some telecommute options are available.

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