Senior Java Developer with Angular

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Senior Java Developer with Angular

Remote, US ONLY

Employment Type: Full Time

To apply for this job, please email us your resume at

Job Description / Requirements

It's your opportunity to work with and learn from a team of Google Developer Experts (in Angular).

Key required skills

Front-end development skills: Angular 8 or higher, HTML/JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), YUI and/or JQuery

Specific technical skills required include:

  • Front-end development skills
  • Server-side component design skills: Object-Oriented Design with Java EE 6 and up, Spring/SpringBoot, Jax-WS and Jax-RS Webservice development, Apache OpenJPA or similar, EJB 3.0, common frameworks such as Maven, JUnit, Log4J, Mockito
  • Usability and Section 508 principles
  • SQL development for IBM DB2
  • WebSphere Deployment
  • Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins Automation

Desired Skills

Knowledge of: Agile Development Principles and Methodology, Test Driven Development, Behavior Driven Development, OpenShift


Masters in a related disciple with at least 5 years relevant professional experience or Bachelors degree in a related discipline with at least 7 years relevant professional experience

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