3D Developer

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3D Developer

Dallas, Texas

Employment Type: Full Time

To apply for this job, please email us your resume at jobs@cazton.com

Job Description / Requirements

As we continue to evolve our innovations we are starting to delve into the digital 3D world of gamification and Augmented Reality.  We are seeking an individual that has the capability to build, animate, and manipulate our new WebGL 3D digital environment using WebGL (Three.JS) and possibly Unity and Metaio AR technologies


  1. 3D Game/Interaction Development and Animation (WebGL/Three.JS/Unity)
  2. 3D Model Optimization
  3. Mobile Development (iOS/Android) Experience
  4. Innovative and entrepreneurial mindset 
  5. Good Cultural Fit (Humble, Hungry and Hunting) 
  6. Able to stay on mission some nights/weekends during Team Sprints 


  1. UI/UX Design
  2. 2D Graphics Design (Photoshop)
  3. Javascript and HTML development experience
  4. Vehicle modeling experience
  5. Metaio AR Experience
  6. Product Management experience


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