Web Developer

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Web Developer

Dallas, Texas

Employment Type: Full Time

To apply for this job, please email us your resume at jobs@cazton.com

Job Description / Requirements


  1. Responsive design front-end development / mobile and web
  2. HTML version 5
  3. Angular
  4. Iconic (highly preferred)
  5. CSS version 3
  6. JavaScript
  7. Agile and Test driven development
  8. Able to stay on mission some nights/weekends during Team Sprints 


  1. UI/UX Design
  2. Mobile Development (iOS/Android) Experience
  3. QT (C++ Experience)
  4. API Integration Experience
  5. 3D Game/Interaction Development (WebGL/Three.JS/Unity)
  6. Patent Experience
  7. Diverse Team Leadership
  8. Rapid Innovation – GenY Entrepreneur Mindset
  9. Business/Product Management experience



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