Next Gen Analytics

Next Gen Analytics (name changed) A highly simplified dashboard experience for CXOs that received standing ovation in Sony and received accolades from teams in Apple and Universal. This project was created for a start-up by the Ria team.

We were approached by a Serial Entrepreneur who wanted something real quick but at the same time visually appealing. This was an amazing example of how efficient our team is. We devoted a Sr. Architect on the team who was completely hands-on. A Microsoft MVP oversaw the project and made sure that the deliverable is much above expectations. Since the client was a pre-stage start-up Ria made an exceptions and did not charge for the MVPs time.

This was not one of the projects that could be done easily. With the client we explored all sorts of options – Completely Offshoring the project, Hybrid (one resources on shore, rest offshore), Edu-Source (or offshoring it to our Academic team – comprising of Masters’ and PhD level resources).

We took 3 bids from 3 different companies from 3 different companies and we did the same with the hybrid and Edu-source model. However, this was a typical real life problem. The client wanted all the 3 - Timing, Cost and Quality. It was going to be a big risk devoting one of our top guys completely on this project and incurring the opportunity cost of taking him out of another project. At the same time, since he was supposed to work on this alone with our MVP, there were no junior developers who could learn from this architect. We decided to add 1 Sr. Developer on no-cost but part-time basis so that he could learn from the project, too.

Quite surprisingly, we figured that all the models turned out to be costlier and slower in delivery than the model of pairing our MVP with the Sr. Architect. The project was successfully completed in one and a half months.

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