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Developed a successful, cost-effective strategy for a Fortune 500 client in the Entertainment Industry to phase out Endeca and incorporate reliable, more flexible enterprise search.

After the recent acquisition of Endeca by Oracle, we have seen a sudden spurt of requests for replacing Endeca with a custom solution. These solutions could be based on Solr, Elastic Search or even bare bones Lucene. With our Enterprise Search team led by an ex-Microsoft Researcher who actually worked on the Microsoft Bing team. Our team also comprises of a Microsoft MVP with a Masters’ degree in Computer Science with primary focus on Search Technologies and Algorithms.

Replacing a product is not as simple as it sounds to be. There are a lot of constraints that need to be worked with. This can be anywhere from the platform/environment to the way the client chose to implement the code. Our refactoring experts have the knack of converting the most legacy sort of code into something really reusable and on the lines of a plug-in architecture.

Our experts can work with a variety of platforms be it Windows, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS etc. Our API experts are thought leaders and known to create futuristic APIs which make the app scalable and conforms to software metrics. The best part, the wide knowledge base makes them capable of creating the solutions with any RDBMS including sql server, Oracle and My Sql to a hybrid solution incorporating a no-sql database like Solr/Elastic Search, RDBMS and may be a key-value pair no-sql like Redis or Memcached.

The UI that consumed the API varied from a desktop web browser to mobile and tablet apps. The REST API provides for all the flexibility needed by different devices to access the information they needed. The system takes care of automatic index creation and updates when the data is added to the database.

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