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Next-Gen UI, API & Server Side: Beginner to Advanced

This training is also available as three-day workshop: For pricing or have this training in your company, contact training@cazton.com

Are you building next-generation web apps? Do you want these apps to scale and be easily maintainable? Do you want to learn the best of all 3 worlds – UI, API and Server Side? This full-day intensive training which is a blend of code and concepts is just for you.

Microsoft MVP, ASP.NET Insider, and Web API Advisor Chander Dhall will cover the 3 tiers needed for multi-client, scalable, next-gen apps. He will be covering all levels from beginner to advanced and will provide a lot of code and slides to take away with you. Chander Dhall owns a consulting company with 100% success rate on fixed bid projects on-budget, on-time. He is known to have scaled enterprise apps with more than a billion hits a day and has led successful projects for Fortune 500 clients.

  • Basic Javascript: Objects, arrays etc.
  • Functional Programming (Beginner - All Code)
  • Functional Programming (Advanced - All Code)
  • Advanced Javascript (All code)
  • Angular (All code)
  • Web API Principles and Guidelines (PPT)
  • REST (PPT)
  • ASP.NET Web API (Beginner) (All code)
  • Node.js Web API (Beginner) (All code)
  • ASP.NET Web API (Advanced) (All code)
  • SOLID Principles (PPT)
  • SOLID Principles (All code)
  • Enterprise Patterns (includes Unit of Work, Repository, DI, DDD)
  • Entity Framework (All Code)
  • NoSQL vs SQL (PPT)
  • Comparing NoSQL databases (PPT)
  • NoSQL databases (All code)
  • Azure Storage, DocumentDb (All code)
  • Elasticsearch (on-premise and Azure), Azure Search (All code)

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