Warehousing App

RF devices running Windows mobile were utilized throughout the facility for all activities (receiving, inventory management, production assembly, packaging and shipping, and item tracking). Designed the User Interface and assisted in development of all the various areas mentioned.

Wood and Metal saws ran workstations that controlled width measuring as well as length to ensure proper cuts. Designed and developed a WPF application that allowed scanning of barcode labels to retrieve data to properly configure the cuts. Used low-level API’s to communicate to the devices via Serial or COM communication. The application managed device calibration, productivity, item activity, cut calculations with the ability to make modifications if needed, and label printing for tracking and workflow management.

Back office facility management application for CSR’s and managers. Search capabilities for store, customer, order, and items. Complete drill down navigation depending on the search level requested. Management functionality for users, equipment, scheduling, order and item statuses, and UPS tracking. System also provided throughput for all areas of the warehouse based on item activity.

WCF Service layer provided CRUD functionality to all the applications. Business rules were also executed to ensure proper workflow and data integrity.

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